A fashion designer creates a custom garment for a dancer, who improvises movement in the centre of a circle of potters. The potters simultaneously create works in response to the movement of the dancer and the forms created by the garment.

Once the ceramics are fired, they are exhibited and performed with by the dancer, for an open still life / life drawing session. A group of artists are asked to participate, documenting the event in book form.

slip = movement = slip = garment = slip = clay = slip = paper

The first part of Late Works: SLIP took place at Central Saint Martins in collaboration with Second Skin Costumed Life Drawing and Duncan Hooson. The dancer was Kaivalya Brewerton, the fashion designer was Rosie Broadhead, and the potters were Amelia Brokenbrow, Celeste McEvoy, Gareth Barker, Jessica Parnell & Ellie Redfern.